Honorine has been teaching Pilates in San Francisco since 2008.  Having dealt with knee pain and chronic knee injury since her teens she wandered into a Pilates class at her local gym.  Immediately the knee pain disappeared and she was hooked.  Wanting to learn more and always doing things a little bigger than absolutely necessary she went on to get certified as an instructor at ITT Pilates in San Francisco about a year later.

Having gained a spectacular west coast/non traditional Pilates education, Honorine went on to work at Dharmaspace Pilates where the classical work was highly valued.  This combination of education has allowed her to see the value of the classical work and use the more modern interpretations as a tool to get at the heart of the work of Pilates.  To Honorine Pilates is a tool to "Return to Life".  Her sessions allow students  to find more ease, vitality and strength so that their whole life improves.

Since being certified through ITT Pilates Honorine has continuously fed her rapacious thirst for knowledge.  She started by volunteering at Physical Therapy Offices, followed by Postureworks Chiropractic where she was later hired as the Exercise Rehab Specialist.  She has studied with Pilates greats such as Madeline Black , Elizabeth Larkam and Amy Taylor Alpers.  Not satisfied to stay within the bounds of PIlates she has also sought out movement instructors such as Jean-Claude West and Irene Dowd as well as physical therapist and pelvic floor specialist Diane Lee.  Life without learning is pretty boring, so expect a steady stream of new ideas and perspectives  while working with Honorine.