Work Pants Pilates - Chest and Shoulder stretch

Work pants Pilates are a series of exercises meant to be done in your office or at your desk.


Crouching over our computers like Gollum over the precious has a definite effect on our upper backs and shoulders.  The muscles of the front of the chest get shorter and tighter because of lack of movement.  These short muscles make it muchharder to sit comfortably as the poor back muscles fight to keep you from falling forward off your chair.  What should you do about this you say?  I'm glad you asked.  There is a quick exercise that can be done while seated at your desk to open up the front of the chest, making it easier for your back muscles to support your lovely erect posture.  More erect posturer means you will use less energy staying upright and have more energy for your work and your life. So, take thirty seconds a couple of times a day to do this easy chest opener and reap the benefits of improved posture. 


Grab a theraband. (basically a giant rubber band available at any sporting goods or internet store) Grasp the theraband wider than the breadth of your shoulders.  Pull the band taut and draw it up, over your head and then down behind your back.  Bring it back up over your head again and down in front of you.  Repeat five or ten times, pulling the band wide to increase the stretch.  If the move hurts your shoulders, move your hands wider on the band.  Return to work more comfortable and with a little more energy for the tasks ahead. (If you don't have a theraband yet, try using a sweatshirt or a belt.  Hold it wider and be a bit more gentle on your shoulders as it wont have the give of a theraband)